I just finished making a vest from the Thru-Hiker Minima Vest kit. It worked out quite well: it’s very warm and snug, and the material is highly breathable as well as water resistant.

A Warm hat for Mama

It was time for me to make myself a hat! The first project of 2013 and It turned out pretty nice but very very large. Guess there is something to knitting gauge afterall… Well good thing I have… Read More

Warm Socks for Jess

Well it took me what felt like ages to makes these socks! But they are done now and they are AMAZING!

A Warm Hat for Gabriel

The sky is the limit! Or so I thought. It is good to feel that way once in awhile and I was on a massive high from making Simon’s socks when I began this project. I embarked on… Read More

Prison pants

I have been hiking in jeans. They’re really heavy, and while they are very comfortable, if they were to get wet  they wouldn’t dry very quickly. I chose Supplex nylon to make some replacement hiking pants from, in… Read More

Warm Socks for Simon

The time had come! I don’t know how many years it had been but I had wanted to knit a pair of socks for as long as I can remember. And now the time had finally come! I… Read More

Stripy Thermals for G

After the success of my stripy thermals, I had to make some for Jess and Gabriel. Here is Gabriel modeling his, Jess to follow.

A Warm Hat for Simon

Having been recently reacquainted with knitting, it was first my intention to knit a hat for Simon. At the craft store Simon picked out a beautiful multi-colored woolen yarn and I grabbed a set of circular knitting needles- something I… Read More

New Shoes for Gabriel

The first  pair of shoes I made for Gabriel were a raging success both functionally and aesthetically: He walked and hiked in them a lot without any disrepair and he also received many compliments on them! I am… Read More

New Threads

After our experience at Cooper Falls where we got a bit chilly I decided it was time to bust out ol’ Faithful (Jess’s family sewing machine which we’ve been lucky enough to borrow on an extended basis from… Read More

Shoes for Gabriel

Gabriel had worn the first hole in his Bobux soft soled leather shoes back in July when we went to Mammoth Lakes for a family vacation. Nearly two months and a few more holes later I have finally… Read More

Quilt Complete

We finished our quilt! This design was another one we purchased from Ray and Jenny Jardine. Jess did all the measuring, cutting, and hand-basting and quilting, I did all the sewing machine work. Here’s the run-down of its… Read More