Birthday Sailing Surprise

Jess wouldn’t tell me what she had organized for my birthday – she simply instructed me to get on my bike and away we went, Jess leading the way to ‘who-knows-where’! We eventually ended up at Oceanside Harbor… Read More

Sailing socks

Just in time for the drizzle, I made some new socks for Simon. I designed these myself which was so fun! I ran out of the blue yarn but instead of using a mismatched color like I would… Read More

Ham General Class

Today I passed the test to upgrade my FCC Amateur Radio License from Technician class to General class. It was a pretty dense exam with such beautiful questions as: What is the simplest combination of stages that implement… Read More

I’m on a Boat

We were planning on another cruise but we were still tired after last week, so instead Gabriel and I went and played on the boat at the dock and left mummy to her business. Check out the blue… Read More

Catalina cruise

It was a beautiful day, the hopes were high … off we were on our adventure to Catalina Island on our trusty 28-foot sailboat, Island Side (courtesy of Fairwind Yacht Club)! The first of many cruises, anticipation had… Read More

“Boat speed is zero”

We went out for a quick sail today so Jess could have a shot at the helm. All in all it was very fun. There were moments of joy and many moments of whining and crying. One highlight… Read More

Redondo Marina lunch cruise

We wanted to try to actually ‘go somewhere’ on the boat, and decided that King Harbor, or more specifically Redondo Beach Marina would be a good place to start.


I’d just been checked out on Fairwind’s Catalina 28, Island Side, and I was keen to share her with my family. So we planned for a quick daysail out to Santa Monica and back to see how Gabriel… Read More

Birthday Sail (with a 2-week-old)

For my birthday, Gabriel and Jess came for a sail with me on one of Fairwind Yacht Club’s Capri 22s, Mea Ono. ¬†Gabriel was only two weeks old and we hadn’t been out much in the preceding couple… Read More