Tarp Repair

During our hike at Wilson’s Prom, the tarp got a little bit damaged during a windy storm. I’d set it up with heavy sticks for lifter patch supports and when the wind blew, the weight of them ripped the lifter patch a bit. Definitely a case of user error! I sent away for some spare parts and they arrived last week. Yesterday I did the repairs.

Kitchen Creek Road to Chibbets Flat

Pacific Crest Trail
Mile 30 – 33 (3 miles)

Back in town for a month? Time for a walk! We found a bit of the Pacific Crest Trail only about an hour away from home – around 30 miles north of the Mexican border, just past the 8 freeway at Kitchen Creek Road.

Wilson’s Promontory, Australia

We visited family in Australia over Christmas and the 2013 / 2014 New Year break. It was a much-needed break, and while we were there we tested ourselves and our equipment with a four-day backpacking jaunt around Wilson’s Promontory National Park in Victoria, Australia with Nanna Pam, starting on New Year’s Eve 2013.

Mt Laguna Hike Success!

Thanksgiving weekend we headed back up to Mt Laguna for a do-over. It was quite cold, but really fun. Gabriel did not stop talking, singing and or dancing the whole time…. he was so happy to be riding on my back in the mountains.

Sailing socks

Just in time for the drizzle, I made some new socks for Simon. I designed these myself which was so fun! I ran out of the blue yarn but instead of using a mismatched color like I would normally this time I actually went back to the store and got more (there is something so gratifying about finishing a skein of yarn that it is difficult for me to buy a whole new one in the same color… now I have to do another project with the same blue-weirdo!). And since he wore holes so quickly into his last pair I decided to sew on leather soles to this pair. We’ll see how they hold up…

Dehydrated Mum’s Tuna Casserole

Our dehydrated camp meal stash was decreasing so we’ve started adding to it again in preparation for next year. As Jess just made a new batch of Veggie Curry, I decided to make another round of Mum’s Tuna Casserole, the old classic that came with us to Big Bear and ended up powering Noleen Read on her PCT Thru Hike after we gave her some at Tahquitz Peak. Here’s the recipe:

Ultralight Quilt #2 – Alpine Version

It’s been really tough to get away to go hiking over the past few months, and even sewing has taken a back seat to work recently. So finally I’d had enough and decided to bust out the threads and bobbins and sew up another quilt, this one warmer than our original ‘Woodland’ quilt. Both are from kits by Ray Jardine.

Dehydrated Veggie Curry and Rice

Veggie curry is so warming and scrumptious it makes a perfect meal at camp as the sun sets and evening chill sets in. We brought some along on our trip to the San Jacinto wilderness and it was beyond tasty after our arduous climb up the steep devil’s slide trail.

Mt Laguna PCT Hike Fail

We were exhausted and feeling a bit down after a tough week at work and home and so we decided to have some natural therapy by hitting the PCT near Garnet Peak. What ensued was hardly therapeutic.

San Jacinto Burning

The Mountain Fire has consumed a large amount of wilderness on the PCT and nearby, in the vicinity of Idyllwild. It’s still burning right now and is barely 15% contained. More information at the incident information website. We’re holding our breath because it is currently less than a mile away from where we camped when we went to Tahquitz Peak.

Dehydrated Broccolicious Soup with Rice

This is such a delicious soup and it will bring us much joy and needed vegetables after a long day of backpacking! The recipe was adapted from a Williams Sonoma recipe titled, Cream of Broccoli with Aged Cheddar. I changed a few things but it is hard to mess with perfection!

Breakfast cookie

Breakfast in the woods is the best: wake up with the birds singing, the sun rising, a warm cozy jacket on to ward off the morning chill and heat up some warm things in the pot! We have enjoyed most mornings of our young backpacking career this way, with a big bowl of hot oatmeal for breakfast.